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Importance of families

Families play a vital role in one’s life. They are an individual’s creators. The modern world has less value for families, but it has always been seen in the history, epics, and old movies too- that family comes first. You can get a second chance for anything and everything, but family? Once the relationship with the family goes weak, it’s all over. The individual not only has to face financial problems or basic necessity problems, but the mental agony that one goes through on the separation of families, is incomparable. Thus, that is why, it is quoted that, “a family that eats together, stays together” which quotes the importance of families, belongingness and the sense of caring.

Family Tree History

People found out that it became difficult and difficult to get in one place the names, and origins of their generations and ancestors. Thus, people felt the need of building up tree like structures where ancestors, great grand parents, grand parents, and all of them could be listed out. The history evolved by developing 4 different stages of the family tree.

  • Stage 1: On the paper where the people where listed, looked like an actual tree with the top being large and full and the root being just one. This meant that the source of evolution was written at the bottom and then slowly the tree grew upwards.
  • Stage 2: When the individual appears to the extreme left and his/her ancestors to the extreme right or vice versa as in the individual to the extreme right and his/her ancestors to the extreme left. This created a vertical tree shape
  • Stage 3: The second stage was modified and begun horizontally either from the extreme left ending at the extreme right, or beginning from the extreme right and growing vertically towards the extreme left.
  • Stage 4: It is the stage that is most commonly used now. It was then believed that every good thing or every new thing begins from the top. Thus the ancestral beings were located at the top and then as and how the generations grew, the tree grew downwards splitting wherever necessary.

Advantages of having a tree of your family

  • One comes to know their own source of evolution
  • One comes to know how his/her ancestor was, what did they do?
  • It is a glimpse into an individual’s unseen past
  • One may or may not be physically connected with all of them, but at least their existence is known
  • The latest and biggest advantage of these are, digitalized or computerized trees that are made online through various websites, provide an option of entering each person’s date of birth, marriage date etc. if this information is provided, one gets automatic reminders of birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones.

How to make the family tree?

Now that families are growing rapidly, everyone and each one have felt the need of creating these charts and preserving them. But, the first question that arises after this need has been felt is, “How to build my family tree?” The answer to this can be given by the individual’s mind itself. All you need to do is, ask yourself few questions and the answers to those questions will solve half the problems. First choose if one wishes to make the tree manually or digitalized? Do you want to include pictures of each individual? Do you wish to start from the ancestral evolution or wish to begin from the great grandfathers and great grand mothers?

The next steps towards the big growing tree!

With the advent and fast growing technology, it is now make the family tree online itself. Most of the people are also going in for digital trees as they are easy to prepare, save, send, edit and refer. They look more attractive too with the varied family tree templates available to the users online. It will become even easier if one follows the few basic steps mentioned below –

  1. Choose the type of tree one wishes to make
  2. Find out for the best websites that offer user friendly options
  3. Log on to the specified website, and create an account (account creation is mandatory in most websites to ensure security and less hacking)
  4. Just put in the required details and wait. The tree will emerge soon automatically like magic.
  5. The user can always find varied options post creation of the tree like save, edit, send etc.
  6. The user can always log back anytime later in the day, month, and year or how much ever time he/she wishes to take. The user just has to then click on the family tree search option and locate their tree.

This way, family tree helps you to stay connected and the future generation to know about their family and the ancestors.

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